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BlackBerry 8520 MEP Unlock Codes - How to unlock BlackBerry 8520 - Remote IMEI Unlock Code for BlackBerry 8520

Remote IMEI Unlock code for BlackBerry 8520. Order your MEP Unlock code for BlackBerry 8520, and free your BlackBerry 8520 from all restrictions. We have the fastest & most accurate and reliable unlocking solution for the BlackBerry 8520.

If you are trying to use a SIM card in your BlackBerry 8520 and getting following message on your BlackBerry 8520 "Incorrect SIM Card" or similar message on your BlackBerry 8520, then you need an unlock code for your BlackBerry 8520
You can purchase a MEP unlock code for your BlackBerry 8520, and unlock your BlackBerry 8520 with-in seconds.
MEP code for your BlackBerry 8520 will be delivered quickly, please see above for delivery timeline.

Unlock your BlackBerry 8520 by MEP Unlock code, with-in seconds. No software or cables required to unlock your BlackBerry 8520.
No need to mail in your BlackBerry 8520 for IMEI unlocking. You can unlock Your BlackBerry 8520 with Remote IMEI unlock code.


You can use your unlocked BlackBerry 8520 mobile on any service provider worldwide!


  • Place order with details for your BlackBerry 8520.
  • Order for BlackBerry 8520 is sent to remote server for calculation
  • Code for BlackBerry 8520 is calculated.
  • You will receive an email notification when your code for BlackBerry 8520 is ready.
  • Instructions are provided with the code, enter unlock code on BlackBerry 8520.
  • Your BlackBerry 8520 is now unlocked, you can use it on any GSM network that supports the frequency.

In order to unlock your BlackBerry 8520 phone by MEP unlock code, all you need to do is send us your BlackBerry 8520 IMEI number and we will calculate the unlock code for your BlackBerry 8520.  We provide accurate MEP unlock codes for your BlackBerry 8520 phone, along with detailed instructions on How to enter the unlock code on BlackBerry 8520

Order your BlackBerry 8520 IMEI unlock code to free your BlackBerry 8520 from SIM lock restrictions.

  1. No technical knowledge is required to unlock your BlackBerry 8520 phone.
  2. There is no risk of damaging your BlackBerry 8520 mobile with remote unlocking.
  3. Our unlock codes will work on your BlackBerry 8520 regardless of network originally locked to.
  4. Your unlocked BlackBerry 8520 phone will accept any SIM card once unlocked.
  5. Unlocking your BlackBerry 8520 will increase it's re-sale value by up to 100%.
  6. Your BlackBerry 8520 will remain permanently unlocked forever.
  7. Unlocking your BlackBerry 8520 phone is perfectly legal and safe.
  8. For travelers, swap your SIM and save money on global roaming charges.

To get IMEI number from your BlackBerry 8520, Type *#06# into your BlackBerry 8520 keypad, this will bring up your 15 digit “IMEI” number on the screen. If you get more than 15 digit, just consider the first 15 digit.
You can also find the IMEI number written on a sticker near the battery pack inside your BlackBerry 8520 phone.